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Transformation….. It could be you next?!!

So my lovelies it’s not very often that I get a client who is happy with me to share before and after photos, as you can imagine not all girls are open about their dressing etc.  So last weekend I had the lovely Ajax come and visit me for a cosmetic makeover for his night out in Blackpool. This is a service that I do offer for girls that would like a mini makeover for a night out while staying here in Blackpool either at the fabulous Scarlets Hotel (the Tranny Lodge) or any of the other T’girl friendly hotels we have here in Blackpool. It took me about an hour of pampering and applying Ajax’s makeup to transform him into the lovely Katrina. She was so pleased with her look she asked me if I would take a couple of photos of her which of course I was happy to do. Katrina had so many compliments on how she looked and so did I when I was out that night that she has booked with me to have it done again for her next visit to us in December for her birthday.

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So darlings if you would like to have your makeup done for a night out or just because you can then do send me an email, Ciao Bella! X

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