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Tiffany. An exquisite point of view

Tiffany P.O.V

Hello My lovely kinksters,

Well what a busy few weeks I have had here in Blackpool and to top it off the sun has been shining, mostly anyway. The Spring always makes me happy; all of the fabulous flowers starting to bloom and especially with the lighter nights coming in I feel rejuvenated and ready for the summer to arrive.

Other than my busy social life here in Blackpool with lots of fun events happening I’m also going to be going to Leeds first Friday in May, where I do hope to catch up with lots of my T’girl friends, it’s been far too long. Do come and say hello if you see me there, I don’t bite, and as it’s a public social event I won’t even spank you. Well not unless you really deserve it ;-).

So as I said I feel full of gusto and energy and have been having some fabulous sessions with some wonderful girls and boys, including play sessions and makeover photo shoots. Recently a girl from TV Chix contacted me about a makeover and play session, the lovely Tiffany. After a few emails and a chat on the phone, which Tiffany as with most other people said it really made her feel at ease, and far less nervous about our meeting. Although why she should have been nervous I have no idea 😉 Ha ha.

I do like to chat, where at all possible with all new girls and boys before a visit especially the first, as this helps not only to break the ice but also allows you to ask me any questions that you may have. Anyway she was booked in and ready to visit Mistress. Tiffany loved her time spent with me so much that she wanted to write a little testimonial, so here it is and also a few photos from her visit.

‘After months of dreaming, but (too) many years without dressing the way I love to, I finally plucked up the courage to once more explore my fantasy of being a sexy

Tiffany corseted, nyloned, stunning!!

girl once more – and my goodness was it worth it.


Truthfully, the drive to Mistress Scarlett’s place was a mix of butterflies and anticipation for me, but as soon as our eyes met when she answered the door to me, I knew that I had made the right choice, and that this would be an afternoon to remember for all the right reasons.

It was Mistress’ beauty in the photos on her website that had persuaded me to go ahead and arrange my visit, but I must confess that – somehow – she is even more breathtakingly beautiful in person. From the start, she was considerate in making sure I got exactly what I wanted from our time together; instantly putting me at ease and making me feel welcome. Her attention to even the most little of details are what the day so incredible, and as she transformed me into a beautiful, sexy slut, I found myself becoming more submissive and womanly. Mistress obviously sensed this, slowly stepping away from our ‘equal terms’ conversation, into my dominant goddess. It was so subtle a change, that I submitted  to her without even being consciously aware.


Mistress Scarlett worked so very carefully on my look, recommending items of clothing, the right wig and offering me a selection of beautiful, elegant lingerie to choose from as we put together a style.

She has a wide range of amazing attire, and made me savour every second of the transformation as Tiffany appeared before our very eyes. Once she had completed my transformation, I was in awe at how stunning she’d made me.

After taking many photos to capture this dream realised, we then spent some time in her play room, which is where she satisfied fantasies I didn’t even know I had! I just could not help but to submit, as I fell under her spell; restrained, teased and now – quite literally – taken of breath at the way she teased her slutty whore creation. I didn’t have to think about any of it…Mistress just possessed me, and I will never forget how good it felt to obey when she told me to get on all fours, then the minutes that followed…mmmmm…

I keep playing the whole perfect afternoon over and over in my mind, and that is testament to Mistress Scarlett’s genuine love of and expertise at what she does, which shone through from start to finish. I now realise and accept that as a result of our time together, I now belong to her, as I just cannot shake the thrill of our time together (nor do I wish to!). As Mistress is always one step ahead, I suspect she knew this would occur, well before I did!

Thank you a million times Mistress Scarlett. You’ve redefined the word ‘wow’ to me forever!…’


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