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Testimonial from Felicity

My name is Felicity and I have been serving as a sissy slut maid for may many years and I just love the experience of being dressed and put firmly in my place as the naughty girlie that I truly am. I am totally unworthy and need to learn the true meaning of FEMALE SUPREMACY and FEMALE AUTHORITY

Over the last few months and on a number of separate occasions I have had the enormous pleasure of kneeling and serving at feet of the gorgeous and absolutely adorable Mistress Scarlett.

Mistress Scarlett is without any doubt the   best Mistress I have ever served. Mistress Scarlett is absolutely gorgeous, she is honest, friendly and so caring. She’s the one who must be obeyed’ works extremely hard at training her many slaves and sissies. All of whom are not worthy of such a true Goddess

Mistress Scarlett has many different outfits and the quality of each is extremely high. Mistress knows how to dress and I just love the privilege of being permitted to get on my knees to adjust her seams on her shiny pantyhose stockings and ‘woe betide me if I don’t get them straight. Mistress expects perfection and nothing else will do ! You dont know what strict means until you’ve met Mistress Scarlett

Mistress Scarlett allows her slaves and sissies to serve her in a domestic setting which has a good number of different rooms -Dungeon room , Changing and dressing room. She enjoys leading me by my collar and lead around her residence and discipling me wherever she desires .This could be over the spanking bench , or gagged and tied to the rack or perhaps in the kitchen , lounge or even some times on the stairs .Mistress Scarlett is very creative and always knows what she is doing -She is in control at all times

Mistress Scarlett never clock watches, she has a lovely discreet residence and if you are granted the honour of serving her i can assure you that you will be very quickly brought under her spell and will want to be with her and serve her 24/7

I just love my Mistress and need to, beg to serve her more and more

Thank You Mistress Scarlett for all Your training so far and i look forward to spending many more hours at Your feet in awe of You

Deepest respectful curtsies

Unworthy Felicity the sissy maid slut x

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