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Tea, Cake, Panties and Spanking – Edwina’s Tale

Hello Darlings!

Well it’s October already and the cold dark nights are closing in, so why not treat yourself to a bit of heat and pleasure in the presence of Mistress Scarlet. Either come and be the gurl of your desires with a makeover and photo session and then maybe spend some time in Mistresses’ play room being Mistresses’ pet or slut or just come and worship My nylon clad legs and bottom. I’m sure that will make your temperature rise on these cold dark nights and maybe even bring a red glow to your cheeks.

Mistress has been very busy with her maids recently, but you know what they say “ a maid a day keeps the cobwebs away” . Well it does in this house as Mistress Scarlett expects her maids to work hard for their rewards otherwise they have to pay for their tardiness with lots of punishments although Mistress is quite sure this is why her maids are so naughty! I’m sure they enjoy their punishments just as much as the praises I give them hence lots of red bottoms.

One of my most favourite gurls, the always respectful, lovely and always eager to please Edwina came to visit. She had a further two maid training sessions with me before having to return back overseas which we both thoroughly enjoyed as you can see from this little snippet of the email that I received from her after her visit.

“May I thank you again for another great session earlier today

I know I looked very pretty in the new dress but at the risk of being accused of having a panty fetish, those panties are just perfect. They hold me in very well and I love showing off my shiney bottom which as you say is extremely spankable.

I greatly enjoyed helping you bake the cake in the kitchen and to performing the other tasks you gave to me and the discipline I received was no less than I deserved. Maybe I was too well behaved!!??

Thank you also for allowing me to worship your wonderful bottom. It is a new experience for me and I hope my worship was appropriate and did not cause you any offense, I guess it was, otherwise I would have received a very severe spanking!”

Edwina, upon arrival was most gracious and curtseyed for Mistress showing due respect and presented me with a lovely bottle of champagne which she knows I adore and appreciate

So after a little makeover make-up and wig application Edwina was ready to my satisfaction to dress in her retro lingerie including her shiny tight panties which she seems to have taken quite a shine to – I think she is even developing quite a panty fetish. Mind you they do make Mistress have rather a twitchy wrist as I can’t help having to spank her bottom probably a bit more than she deserves. And of course fully fashioned stockings and maid’s dress; as usual she did look most adorable and ready to serve her Mistress.

Rosy bottom

A lovely rosy blush










One smear and you will be punished

Edwina worked so hard for me cleaning all of Mistresses’ mirrors in my play room even if she did have to clean them over and over again having to receive her punishments of bare bottom spankings for leaving smears on the mirrors. However, after the first few attempts she got there in the end with only a slightly rosy red bottom.

Mistress was so pleased with Edwina that she allowed her some Mistress Worship time spending time stroking and caressing my nylon clad legs, worshipping my very high heels and even giving my sheer nylon clad bottom a good worship. She told me she enjoyed this immensely so I had to give her another spanking the naughty girl. Even though I did enjoy the worshipping too but I wasn’t going to let her know that now was I lol.

On Edwina’s last visit to me I decided that because it had only been one week since we had shared a maid training session together ( where she had worked so hard on cleaning my mirrors for me) I thought that we would do something a little different.

Mistress wanted to bake, so together after Edwina had been transformed into my lovely maid with make-up, wig and maids attire and of course those very shiny tight black panties that she so loved so much we set to baking with only a brief interlude for six of the best just to warm Edwina up and let her know what she was going to get if she didn’t match up to Mistresses’ expectations of her



For hands that do dishes always employ a maid

She was so helpful in the kitchen; she helped prepare all of the ingredients for the cake which was coffee and walnut (yummy) and helped with every aspect including doing washing up as we went along so that Mistress didn’t chip her lovely red painted nails. While the cake was baking we enjoyed some refreshments which Edwina also prepared while I had a cigarette such a lovely girl she is.

When the cake was baked we left it to cool and because Edwina had been so good and only had made a few minor misdemeanours that she needed spanking for I decided she could have some Mistress worship time in my play room. Again Edwina did enjoy this as did I. But alas for Edwina along with pleasure she must endure some punishment so as a parting gift, as I won’t get to see her again until she returns to the UK in the new year, I gave her twenty five bare bottom spanks which I didn’t think was too bad as she did get to lie across my nylon clad legs with her shiny panties pulled down – what a pleasurable feeling of nylon underneath her she must have had – the lucky girl.


Over my knees and shiney pantyhose – a very lucky maid



After our session Edwina even had a slice of the cake that she had helped to bake with a cup of earl grey. See Mistress is too

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