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Hello all my lovely fellow kinksters out there!

It’s been quite a while my little perverts since I have written a blog for my web site, what a naughty Mistress I am!

Well people that have visited me and all my regular girls already know that I’m naughty so no news there ha ha!!!. There is also a couple of new galleries for you to enjoy my darlings I know how you love to ogle my fabulous girls and dream it is you here with me at my will! ha ha. Why not make your dreams a reality and enjoy a little slice of Mistress Scarlett in one of my specially tailored sessions just for you.

So what has Mistress been doing since last time I updated on here you may wonder? Well the answer to that I have been keeping myself rather busy, not only visiting amazing events like Sparkle in Manchester where I met up with lots of fabulous girls, some old friends and I made a few new ones too, visiting Leeds for LFF and of course out and about here in wonderful Blackpool where we had an amazing Pride and lots of other fabulous events, there is never a dull moment!. Rocky Horror next with over forty T’girls how fabulous is that going to be. So when I say I am a lifestyle Mistress that is exactly what I mean I live this life no fakes here!

Of course it’s not all socialising for me I wouldn’t want you to think I spend my days sipping champagne, although that is a fabulous thought ha ha! and my night’s on the dance floor dazzling Blackpool with all my glory, oh wait I do a little ha ha. Most of my days are actually taken up with transforming drab boys into fabulous girls and ladies, from Sissy maids and sexy nylon nymphs to total Drag Divas I love each and everyone. Of course I do then love to have a little play with my newly transformed girls this is where the fun really starts for me and them of course.

There is nothing more thrilling for me than having transformed a boy into a girl, applying their makeup, picking out their lingerie and hosiery which is most important to me, I do so love my nylons and retro styles. Choosing the clothing she will wear from frilly petticoats and lovely maid’s dresses, gingham sissy girl to tight fitting shiny sexy outfits, a little PVC number or furs and fabulous gowns. Then to have them at my will there to please and obey me, to do my every wish and command without question, to be my girl! To train them to be the best possible girl they would wish to be from making them walk like a lady in their fabulous heels to their voices being softer and higher as a girl should be. Some of girls are a little disobedient so I do have to give the odd spanking or a good cropping and there is nothing like giving them a bit of slut training too if that is required ha ha!

So my lovely’s keep kinky, this is not a dress rehearsal for life, this is it! So go and live it!

I will look forward to hearing some of your applications to come and serve me, so until we meet.

Spanks and lashes

Mistress Scarlett Xxx

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