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Summer, Sin and Simone

Hello you wonderful kinksters!

Well not much of a summer so far in England is it my darlings, but Mistress isn’t complaining too much as I can still wear all of my wonderful nylon layers and not get too hot, just a little steamy maybe ;-).

So what has Mistress been up to over the past few weeks?  Well as usual I have had some interesting, varied and most enjoyable sessions with some lovely new girls receiving maid training and also some very sexy nylon fetishists who have not only enjoyed wearing my lovely nylons but thoroughly enjoyed being able to give Mistress a lot of nylon worship whilst wearing mine, and when I say a lot I do mean A LOT!. Mistress does so enjoy being worshipped after all that is part of why I wear such fabulous nylons – I’m not selfish LOL.

I entertained a lovely new girl Simone this month, although we had been chatting for a while on some of the other web sites that we are both members of.  It was a real pleasure to finally meet her in the flesh as it were and finally be able to make some of her wishes and dreams that we had discussed come true. Although we had been chatting for a while Simone was still quite nervous as are a lot of my new girls and boys on a first session. Quite often the fear and excitement of the unknown of what a first session will hold can have some people literally shaking in their boots or heels lol, but usually within five minutes of our meeting they realise that there is nothing at all to fear and thoroughly enjoy our time together. So I could tell you all about this but the lovely Simone had such fun that she sent me this fabulous email, so in her words this is what our session entailed.

I first saw Mistress Scarlett’s pictures after seeing some that Ellie had posted on another website. Having seen the photos I was hooked.  Ellie look great and Mistress was stunning – a true beauty with a figure that just cries out to be worshipped.

I eventually plucked up courage to drop Mistress a line which led to a more in depth Q&A which ended with me discussing a potential visit with Mistress on my mobile. I was incredibly nervous when Mistress rang me (not helped by the fact I had managed to arrange the time when I was in the middle of a high street – I’m such a dumb bitch) . Mistress put me at ease and we discussed in brief how a potential session could go.

The day finally arrived when I was to meet Mistress.  I made sure I had done all I could to put my “maleness” to one side prior to arriving and was greeted at the door by Stella whom I had not been expecting but was a pleasant surprise and helped again to ease any pressure. I was ushered into a lovely lounge room where I was to wait until Stella checked that Mistress Scarlett was ready to receive me. Stella was back in a moment telling me to come to the foot of the stairs where Mistress would be waiting for me.

All I can say is I was speechless when I walked into the hall way and raised my eyes to the top of the stairs where Mistress Scarlett was standing. She was a vision of beauty and fem allure wearing her black sheer blouse with a satin skirt and a tight corset over the top and of course she was wearing her fabulous signature nylons on her wonderful shapely legs and patent black high heels.

 To meet her in person was a dream come true and I could feel the goose bumps rise up my entire body. She beckoned me upstairs which I did in a second although I don’t know how as my legs were like jelly looking at this vision in front of me. Mistress greeted me with a warm smile with her lovely luscious red lips and shook my hand. “Hello Simone so pleased to meet you at last” at once my fears started to dissipate although my excitement and adrenaline was pumping more than ever.  Mistress led me into a bedroom where after a brief chat I disrobed out of my drab boy attire and dressed in a satin gown.  I was then led into Mistress’s makeover boudoir room whereby my preparation began as I was to be transformed from my drab boy self into Simone the girl within me. Whilst my mouth was dry I was so excited and Mistress made sure that I was in suitable undergarments from the outset.

After Mistress gave me a makeover paying attention to the style of makeup I wanted she dressed me in a beautiful satin maids dress and high heels. Mistress was so attentive to my clothing and helped me dress with every layer from the smooth sheer stockings and retro lingerie to maids dress and heels she was hands on all the way and of course I didn’t complain. Although a little stiff to start (no pun intended) with the help of Mistress I was soon posing for her camera and loving being Simone the naught girl especially as Mistress was so playful with me.

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Then it was time for some real fun in Mistress Scarlett’s red play room, I won’t go into detail as to what happened during this part of my session as that would be telling and as Mistress says “What happens in this room stays in this room”.

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The session was amazing – from transformation, to being bound and teased beyond my wildest dreams to worshipping Mistresses beautiful body- I was in heaven. Trust me you will not be disappointed nor will you be able to say no to any of Mistress Scarlett wishes, and why would you.

I can’t wait to return and to learn even more about my fem self and spend some more time in the charms of Mistress Scarlett a true lady and goddess.

To top all of this off with the photographs that Mistress Scarlett took of me I have had some fabulous attention on the web sites that I have shared them on so the pleasure just keeps coming :-).

Simone X

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