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Stepping into A Spanking Spring

Hello my lovely fellow kinksters,

Well I know it’s a tad late but happy new year to you all. I had a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new years eve here in Blackpool with lots of my fabulous T’girl friends – I’ve even posted a little photo of me enjoying the evening with one of my best friends the fabulous Crystal.











So I bet you are all wondering what Mistress Scarlett has been up to these last few months since I last updated my little news blog. Naughty Scarlett I really should update on here more often, maybe I need a good sound spanking too! But who is brave enough to discipline me! LOL. I do promise to try a little harder this year my darlings as I know that some of my girls that don’t get to see me as often as they would like do enjoy reading about my little exploits. Don’t forget I am also on lots of different web sites, from photo sharing ones to TV Chix and maybe a few naughtier ones too! You will just have to look for me.

Well my darlings I have been living life to the full spending my time with some fabulous girls and boys, both in sessions and also in my very full and fun social life here in Blackpool where we really are lucky to have such a good LGBT safe place to go out and enjoy ourselves. Back in October we had the west end production of “The Rocky Horror show” come to Blackpool when I organised a weekend of Rocky Horror fun for fifty T’girls, wives and friends along with one of our fabulous local T’girl run hotels. As you can imagine this was such an amazing fun weekend for all involved especially for those girls that had never been out fully dressed before. From the Friday night in the hotel teaching those not familiar with the Rocky Horror the time warp dance, a little buffet and lots of giggles, then later hitting the clubs and bars in Blackpool – a great night in itself. Then Saturday; the main event of the weekend watching the Rocky Horror at the Wintergardens with everyone dressed so amazingly as you can see from these few little photos from the evening.












The evening didn’t end at the theatre though, no! This is Blackpool, so along with the fifty girls and associates we wandered round Blackpool’s LGBT bars still all dressed in corsets, stockings, fishnets, feather boas and other Rocky Horror regalia what a sight, what an evening :-). I do intend to organise some more events like this throughout the year, possibly a 40s-50s weekend, what a great excuse for some new retro lingerie and a dress, not that I need an excuse. So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news of any events if you would like to come along to one and enjoy the fun.

You can see from my galleries some of the fun sessions I have been having and also some of the wonderful glamorous makeovers and bespoke photo sessions I’ve been doing too. At Christmas I had a request from one of my lovely girls Gloria to do something a little fun for her photos prior to our little play session. So I decided, given the time of year, that she could be my naughty little fairy, which not only did she enjoy immensely but so did I as I’m sure you can tell from my photos. Alice, on a previous visit, had enjoyed having her lips covered in glitter, she enjoyed this so much that she came back for a complete glitter makeup makeover one with a little burlesque feel. Not only did she feel a million dollars she looked it! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the girls and boys that allow me to use their photos as I know for most of the people that visit me this isn’t possible for personal reasons and I would never share anyone’s photos without their permission or request.

My makeover and bespoke photo sessions are becoming very popular. So much of my wardrobe or should I say my numerous wardrobes are growing at great pace. I have numerous wig’s, shoes, lingerie and hosiery and so many accessories that my girls are really quite spoiled for choice, not to mention the extensive and diverse choice in dresses, skirts, blouses and other garments, including corsets galore especially for those of you like myself that love that tight restriction and the amazing shape that a great piece of foundation wear can give you.


Now boys don’t think you have to miss out on all of the fun with Mistress because you don’t!. Although I absolutely love transforming my boys into all sorts of wonderful girls, I DO!!! also enjoy very much nylon worship sessions with regular boys. You don’t have to dress in any way to come and visit me. I’m happy for you to come and have a session just as you are, as long as you still understand who is in charge! I also love to see boys that just like to wear the odd pair of tights, stockings or panties that’s all good with me too. I do love nylon on nylon though and if you’ve not experienced it then I really do think you are missing out :-).

So Ciao for now my lovely’s!

Spanks and lashes Mistress Scarlett Xx

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