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Springtime for Mistress

Hello all my lovely nylon beauties and kinksters.

Wow well its June already so half way through the year and what a fun filled year it’s been so far.

I have been having a fabulous time getting out and about in Leed’s at Leed’s First Friday, Manchester on that famous street and of course the one and only Blackpool meeting lots of wonderful people especially the lovely T’girls.

So what’s new with Mistress?

Well other than going out and enjoying myself I have been a very busy Mistress spending most of my days either giving girls wonderful makeovers and photo shoots or training maids and keeping them inline, and those maids really do need keeping in line.

I have had some lovely people visit me for makeovers and photo shoots. I do so love the reaction of a person when they have their makeup done for the first time by a real girl and they feel and look transformed from their drab boy self into the girl they always wondered about. This is one of the reasons I love what I do so much. Its quite wonderful watching their reaction.

Well what can I say about my recent maid training. One thing that never changes is that those naughty girls get up to mischief in a blink of an eye if I leave them for one moment. Especially Felicity who is one of my special girls and visits me monthly for her maid training, and although she is learning she is one of the worst offenders “YES YOU FELICITY” . Although she has very regular training and even phone training she still manages to misbehave resulting in a very red bottom usually within minutes of her arriving at my chambers.

I have to be very strict with this girl as she does many naughty things including going online seeking bottom worshipping videos, which makes her very excited at the thought of worshipping ladies lovely silky smooth bottoms herself always with a willing tongue – the dirty little slut. She then, without my permission, spends too much time rubbing through black silk panties what is now “MY OWNED COCKETTE” when she is away from me. Of course I always find out and ALWAYS discipline her for this inappropriate behaviour in a proper manner , especially when all she has to do is ask me if she can do this and I would usually give her permission unless maybe if she were about to visit Mistress where I may request that she abstains for my pleasure until our session ;-).

I have now taken to tying Felicity’s cockette up in a nylon stocking and cock leash with a lead which I then lead her round the house with as this is what she deserves and needs. This I now do before I even allow her to have her makeup applied or even get to wear my lovely hosiery, lingerie and of course her lovely satin maids dress.

I may sound a little harsh in this but some girls just need this sort of approach and especially girls as naughty as Felicity. I know that she appreciates everything I do for her in her training towards becoming my top girl.


Not all of Mistress’s girls are quite as naughty as Felicity. Recently I had a lovely maid training session with Edwina who is such a lovely demure girl. Always willing to please me which is of course the only way to be. I spent a lovely afternoon with Edwina giving her a little makeover and then some photos taken while she was doing a few chores including polishing my mirrors which, although it did take a few attempts to get rid of all the smears, after a good over the knee spanking Edwina managed a fine job. 2Edwina.May

After Edwina had finished some of her chores I decided that we would take afternoon tea together which Edwina helped to prepare. She makes such a good kitchen maid but she really shouldn’t keep bending over the breakfast bar as she does, she knows what those very shiny black panties do to me they always make my hand very twitchy and I just couldn’t resist making her stretch over and get her bottom spanked ( I am starting to think she knows this).


Edwina was so lovely that I allowed her to give Mistress some special nylon worshipping of my legs and bottom while relaxing in my boudoir and I know that Edwina really appreciated this honour , as should anyone getting to worship my lovely nylon clad body.


So darlings keep being good and if you can’t be good book a session with me LOL 😉 .  I’ve also added a new gallery of Mistress getting ready to go out – I’m sure you will love seeing Mistress unravel her nylons and silkily sliding them up her divine legs.


Spanks and lashes as always Mistress Scarlett.

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