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Spring is here

Hello all my lovely darlings.

Well how fast is this year going! I can’t believe it’s already the end of March and spring has arrived.

So Mistress has been so busy this year that I have been very naughty and neglected to write any news or share any of my photographs from any of my fabulous sessions.

Not only have I been very busy with all my lovely maids and sissies and some very naughty boys that needed lots of over the knee spanking but I have also been having a fabulous time out and about in Blackpool and Leeds.

Leeds First Friday is such a fun event where so many T’girls are out and about in their masses enjoying the bars and the great nightlife of the Swinegate area of the city on every first Friday of the month. I have met so many nice girls and boys and just can’t wait to go again.

Blackpool as always has been rocking with so many fabulous LGBT safe and friendly places to go to I have had some amazing nights out meeting lots of new girls and boys I just love it!.

Well it’s not all partying for Mistress but it is usually all pleasure for me as not only do I love being out and about meeting new people but I get to meet some fabulous people right here at my home when they come and visit me for a session.

This month has been rather full of naughty disobedient maids who really do need to learn their place in life especially when they are in my service. Lots of red bottoms all round especially for one of my top girls Felicity who by now should know that Mistress always finds out when she has been naughty and ALWAYS! pays her for this very inappropriate behaviour which of course she is so grateful to Mistress for showing her the error of her ways.

So I have decided as a little treat that I would share some photographs from a recent session that Felicity maid and myself had and of course some of the punishments she received for her misdemeanours and some of the privileges she received for being a good girl and doing as she was told. What a lucky girl she was to give Mistress lots of foot, leg and bottom worship and even gave her a good queening although she probably didn’t deserve that much attention but it did keep her quiet lol.

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I’ve also uploaded a gallery of a recent makeover with Stella Nylons, with the photos taken in my newly decorated and fabulous boudoir. So girls if you want to look as sexy and lovely as Stella don’t hesitate to contact me. I do so enjoy transforming you into a beautiful T’girl.




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