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A sissy’s fantasy and confessions

On her knees again

On her knees again


Hello all of you deliciously naughty gurls and boys. Well Mistress has had a fantastic week and weekend up here in very sunny Blackpool.

Mistress started the week off with some much needed sissy maid training and a few nylon encasement gimp boys to punish. I had a blast spanking and caning those very disobedient maids of mine especially Felicity who is rather a naughty slut who had to be severely reprimanded for her disgusting behaviour when not in the presence of her Mistress; confessing to me all her naughty and perverse activities including constantly playing with her cockette whilst looking at my photos without my permission. She even wrote me out a confession before our session. This is a sample of just some of that email.

Dear Mistress Scarlett

Thank you so much for calling me today and granting me an audience to serve You as your maid during tomorrow afternoon

As instructed please see the following confessions and fantasies

Slut’s felicity’s pathetic Confessions

Having too many impure thoughts about Ladies bare and pantied and panty thonged bottoms, Stockinged legs, arse holes, legs and breasts

Playing with my cockette without my MISTRESSES’ permission and spurting my sissy juice – I must be taught to stop this disgusting inappropriate behaviour and told off regularly for doing so.

Watching too many domination videos and filling my head with impure fantasies – Let Mistress see them and then be suitably told off and punished for such inappropriate behaviour

Not practising my curtseying enough

Receiving punishment

Receiving punishment

Not always being on my knees when I call my MISTRESS SCARLETT

Forgetting to open doors and curtsey when MISTRESS enters or leaves the room

Forgetting to count and say “thank You MISTRESS, may I have another (and truly mean it) after every face slap, bottom spank, stroke of cane or paddle.

Being too demanding of GODDESS SCARLETT which is not only insolent and impertinent but its downright inappropriate and totally unacceptable.

slut’s Felicity’s pathetic fantasies

1. Being instructed to show Mistress some of the videos that I have been watching and demonstrate to You how I play with my cockette while doing this. After my pathetic demonstration being given a good hard face slapping then dragged to the whipping bench and punished severely on my bare bottom for my inappropriate behavior and told sternly and in no uncertain terms that this behaviour must stop.

2. Being led by my cockette up to the bathroom and be made to assist You as You prepare to sit on the toilet and relieve Yourself of Your delicious champagne

3. Being dragged round the room by You holding and pulling on my cockette tightly with Your lovely hand.

4. Kneeling behind You and being told to get my face between Your lovely bottom cheeks and worship Your bottom hole like the slut that I am. Slut begs to rim and pay homage with her tongue to You in this very humiliating way

5. Fantasying about You using my face as a seat for a long time with your thonged pantied bottom right over my sissy nose and mouth (perhaps as You have your coffee and smoke a cigarette)

6. Being permitted to hand wash Your panties and beg to be allowed to help You remove the ones You are wearing and to wash these too. Once washed You would inspect them and if they are not all perfect You would give me a sound telling off and punish and humiliate me severely.

7. Being humiliated and punished in front of Mistress’s Female friends

8. Assisting Mistress as she changes into her beautiful and varied outfits

Paddling her arse

Paddling her arse


8. Nipple clamped often and left to reflect and contemplate on how truly inadequate, unworthy, pathetic , insolent and impertinent I am and how amazing My GODDESS SCARLETT actually is.

9. Being given a good stern telling off for all my misdemeanours – spanked/paddled/caned/whipped and flogged on my bare bottom as I’m told off.

Your pathetic slut –who wants to be Yours and only Your girlie -the unworthy slut maid felicity x x x x x x x x x

Please I humbly beg be very STRICT on me

Dress me, nipple clamp me, slap me, use me, train me, punish me, give me lots of sissy medicine, humiliate me and make me into the most respectful obedient maid you have ever had – I need to be owned and to learn what FEMALE SUPREMACY and FEMALE SUPERIORITY actually means.

How silly was she as this gave me ample opportunity to plan her punishment in depth and I made sure that this was carried out to its full completion which I thoroughly enjoyed and I know Felicity did too that little slut!.



To top off my fabulous week the sun was shining down on us all for Blackpool Pride which was amazing so a quick hi to all the lovely gurls that I met out and about over the Pride weekend and I look forward to seeing all of you again very soon especially the fantastic hosts at Scarlets Hotel (tranny lodge) Sarah and Jenny as usual it was lovely to meet up with all the gurls for a drink before venturing into town.

So lots of spanks and lashes and keep up the perversions

Mistress Scarlett Xx

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