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Mistress Scarlett and Naughty Nina the Schoolgirl

So as promised a tale of a very special visitor that Mistress Scarlett had in October the lovely Miss Nina Jay part one. I know you love looking at my photos as well and there is an accompanying gallery for this blog on my Galleries page.

Nina and myself had often spoke in the past about meeting up and spending some Mistress and naughty Nina time together after knowing Nina for quite a while as an online friend. We finally met face to face this year at Sparkle in the park. For those that have never heard of Sparkle it’s the national transgender celebration and is the world’s largest transgender event held in Manchester for the last 10 years.

So on a sunny October morning Miss Nina Jay arrived at my house. Nina was welcomed into my home by my partner Stella and given some refreshments while Mistress was still in her boudoir just finishing off her make-up and hair and still only dressed in my satin robe and pantyhose.

Stella then escorted Nina to her room where she placed her luggage which was numerous cases and bags – that girl sure doesn’t travel light LoL. As I heard Nina walking back along the landing I bobbed my head around my bedroom door to say hello.

Nina was dressed in very short red mini dress, natural coloured pantyhose, little boots and a cream fur jacket. Nina looked so sweet with her long blonde hair and her cheeky smile but Mistress knew that this little girl had to change into something more appropriate for the first part of our day together. Mistress had a plan and I fully intended to execute it on my little visitor.

I welcomed Nina with a kiss on her cheek and she coyly dipped her head in a shy manner.

I told her to go and dress in her best little girl’s dress for me with appropriate lingerie and hosiery to match. She was a good girl and did as she was told. I returned into my bedroom to finish dressing.

I was already wearing Charnos sheer lustre 15den pantyhose and I had already noticed that Nina had clearly checked out what I was wearing. Between looking at my shiny legs and the brief glimpse of cleavage I had on show, as my robe wasn’t fully closed, no wonder she didn’t know where to put her eyes and had a rather red flush to her cheeks.

Over the top of my shiney pantyhose I put on my beautiful bespoke handmade Dark Lady girdle which fits so perfectly snug on my shapely curvaceous hips and bottom and up nice and tight under my breasts – I just love the way it hugs me I feel so encased over my shiny tights. As I open a new packet of fully fashioned black stockings I sit on the edge of the bed and slide the beautiful so sheer nylons from the packet. I so love the feel of slippery sheer nylons and sliding my hand into one, slowly lining up the reinforced toe and heel on my foot and the seams up the back of my legs. I slowly pull the stocking up my shiny already nylon clad legs and it feels so slippery and sensual I get butterflies in my stomach at the thrill of wearing all of this nylon. I then clip each and every suspender strap up to make my beautiful nylons taught on my legs. I then repeat the process with the other stocking and feel the whole sensation all over again on the other leg. Time to put on my bra and sheer blouse, slip on my satin wiggle skirt – aptly named as it does give Mistress a very lovely wiggle. Finally I put on my steel boned corset which I lace nice and tight then very high patent high heels and I’m dressed ready for some fun.

I took one last look in the mirror and re applied my red lipstick. Now ready for some play time with what turned out to be pretty naughty Miss Nina Jay I saunter out of my bedroom and along the landing with my nylons rasping their lovely swish with each step I take closer to where Nina was readying herself for me. I knocked on the door and Nina quickly answers it. She was now changed into a pretty pink plaid dress with a little white collar. She was wearing white pantyhose and white shoes and really looked the part as my innocent little girl. I ask her to show me what she is wearing under her dress other than the white pantyhose and with this she lifted her dress up for Mistress to see. She was wearing cotton flowery white knickers. This will never do! So mistress marched Nina to the dressing room where Mistress found two more suitable pairs of panties; one shiny and one sheer both white. Nina was given the choice as to which pair she would wear as Mistress is rather too kind like that. She chose the sheer white ones and Mistress approved, but of course Nina did have to have a spanking for her poor first choice!

Mistress, now being satisfied that Nina was properly attired, we made our way to the kitchen as not only did I want to get a drink but I had laid my first trap there for that naughty Nina. I just knew she would fall for it and I would then have to punish her again lol.

Drink in hand I left Nina sat at the breakfast bar next to some erotic books that I have. She was told under no circumstance must she take a look at my books that she was to keep her filthy little mitts off my erotic art books and to sit and wait like a good girl until I arrived back in the kitchen.

I had only been out of the kitchen for a few moments and was in the dining room next to it retrieving my School Mistress gown and cane when I heard a rustling and turning of pages. My plan had worked as I knew it would. See Mistress knows how all of your filthy minds work out there LOL.

I quickly flew back into the kitchen cane in hand to catch Nina red handed looking at my erotic books , Tut Tut Tut! Nina was rightly reprimanded for her disobedience and made to bend over the breakfast bar lifting her skirt to show Mistress her white sheer panty and nylon clad bottom. I took great delight in punishing her first verbally then with a good sound spanking and ending with a good caning across her naughty bottom. However, i wasn’t quite satisfied that Nina had learnt her lesson and so I took her into my lounge where I could continue the spanking but this time across my knee. After her punishment Nina was made to stand facing the wall with her panties pulled down for her insolent behaviour towards Mistress Scarlett.

To be continued when Nina became my maid……………..

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