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Mistress Scarlett and Naughty Nina the maid

So as promised part two of naughty Miss Nina jays visit to Mistress Scarlett.

Well, as you know that naughty girl Nina was a real handful and Mistress really had to give her some punishment; spanking, caning, and having to paddle her bottom for her many misdemeanours so Mistress decided it was time to teach her some real servitude and I thought the best way for that was to put her in a maid’s dress and get her to do some real work like worshipping Mistresses’ nylon clad legs and bottom.

After changing Nina into her lovely maid’s dress and shiny black full panties which Nina did really like the feel of she was taken to mistresses’ play room where she was to learn her place in life – at Mistress Scarlett’s feet!

At first all Nina wanted to do was to admire herself in the mirror and play with Mistresses’ numerous toys and tools. I didn’t put up with this behaviour for long believe me I take no nonsense from silly girls or boys!

My new maid was put to work kissing and licking Mistresses’ shoes, best to start from the floor up.

She soon found this very pleasurable as Mistress could see the little grin across Nina’s face as she moved slowly up my lovely nylon layered silky smooth legs kissing, stroking and caressing as she went – Nina was in her element. I too was enjoying the attention of Nina’s lovely full lips upon my legs.

But it can’t all be about pleasure now can it, so I decided to make my lovely maid Nina do some cleaning. As she was so happy to spend time admiring her lovely attire in the mirror I set her to work cleaning them and Mistress does have a lot of mirrors lol.

Nina was a sullen little bitch at the thought of cleaning the mirrors as all she wanted to do was to spend time worshipping my lovely nylon clad legs and bottom (well who can blame her LOL). Mistress decided to really take this disobedient little madam in hand once and for all.

I dismissed Nina from my play room and sent her to my boudoir to wait there facing the corner until I decided what to do with her.

Obviously I had already been hatching a plan of how to teach this silly little maid a lesson.

I gathered some ropes, the ankle and wrist cuffs and lastly but not least a ball gag to keep her from giving me anymore of her cheek J.

As I walked into my boudoir I bid Nina turn around and face me, the expression on her face was priceless as her eyes darted to the equipment I was carrying in my hands.

For the insolence and poor behaviour I gave her another sound spanking on her bottom just for good measure. “Get on that bed girl” I demanded. She did as she was told as she could see Mistress was having no more of her silly games.

I cuffed her ankles and wrists and told her to open wide as I placed the ball of the gag into her mouth and fastened it tight around her head. “We will have no more whinging out of you today young lady”

Gagged and Tied

Gagged and Tied

I told Nina to lie down and spread her arms and legs again. She did as she was told and I could see the trepidation in her eyes, as she knew she was now to be at my mercy. Just the way I like it.

I tied the rope through the cuff loops, first on her wrists and then on her ankles and securely tied her to my bed, she was now truly at my will.









After verbally reprimanding Nina Mistress took great pleasure in giving her a good queening. Using Nina’s face as a seat was most enjoyable for me and although Nina tried to protest I know she thoroughly enjoyed it too.

The perfect position

The perfect position













I then left Nina tied up for quite some time with one of my fully fashioned stockings placed over her face to think about her poor behaviour. 

See my new gallery 15 for accompanying photos.

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