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Mistress and naughty Aunty Viv

4viv 7 14 IMG_7660Hello all you naughty kinky boys and gurls.

It’s been a busy week again for Mistress, lots of sissy maids in training and feminisation sessions which of course did involve lots of spanking, paddling, canings and a couple of whippings for those real sluternly gurls who needed that extra discipline from mistress. And gurls you know who you are but you’re not worthy of a mention on Mistresses’ blog.

I did however have a lovely day playing dress-up and makeover with Aunty Viv Nylon. She is such a nylon fetishist – Mistresses’ favourite kind of gurl to play with. Aunty Viv also had the pleasure of spending time with my fabulous TV domme but my sub gurl Stella who was also on hand to assist Mistress.  So after spending a lovely time getting to know Aunty Viv better whilst applying her fabulous makeup and amazing beehive red hair she was all set for dress up. She bought a fabulous selection with her of fully fashioned nylon stockings, beautiful girdles and very large breasts.

Mistress chose what she would like to see Viv wearing and then helped Viv with her dressing, making sure her seams were straight. Aunty Viv was also on her knees quite regularly checking Mistresses’ seams were also straight ( I do think she was more often than not checking out Mistresses’ fabulous sheer panty clad bottom as I could feel her hot breath against my delicate derriere, naughty gurl). We then had a fabulous photo shoot as you will see from the couple of photos I’ve uploaded where Aunty also got to worship Mistresses’ nylon covered legs and bottom which she thoroughly enjoyed. All of this became a bit over exciting for that naughty Aunty Viv so Mistress had to give her some light punishment and of course pleasure with some anal training and a little light spanking .

Aunty Viv also presented Mistress with a fabulous Dark Lady girdle and classic Aristoc fully fashioned stockings, which was a wonderful but appropriate tribute – gurls take note!

A fabulous day was had by all – Mistress does really love her job J

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