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Mistress & Linda

Hello all you lovely sexy people

Well although it’s been quite a wet and windy August here in Blackpool it’s still been rather hot and bothered in Mistress Scarlett’s realm.

I had another visit from that utterly worthless and hardly worthy of a mention in my blog Felicity slut maid who, after sending Mistress umpteen emails (pathetic and pointless) of her naughty confessions with misdemeanours from playing with her – well MY – cockette without my permission to watching filthy arse licking domination videos while looking at Mistress Scarlett’s galleries on my web site. All of this behaviour didn’t go unpunished when the slut arrived and she was severely reprimanded and reminded of her duties to me; starting with obedience and submission of course. She was on her knees where she should be within seconds of being in Mistresses’ presence. And a rather lot of spanking across Mistresses’ knee!

Mistress did spend rather a pleasurable evening with the most lovely T’girl Linda. Linda. like Mistress has a fabulous nylon fetish so she was most welcome to come and spend time with me.

As this was a full evening session we didn’t want to rush things so Linda was greeted by Stella at the door. Linda did bring lots of her fantastic wardrobe and plenty of very sheer Nylons to wear (note girls like this are always welcome to come and spend time with Mistress Scarlett).

Although we had shared some emails it was nice to meet Linda in the flesh. Mistress and Stella who was assisting Mistress for the evening were dressed appropriately for the occasion in very sheer Charnos pantyhose under Gio fully fashioned nylons and Mistress was wearing her Dark Lady custom made 10strap girdle which holds my curves just right and keeps my lovely real nylon stockings up nice and tight. Obviously this wasn’t all Mistress was wearing. I was also wearing a nice shiny tight skirt and sheer blouse with a wonderfully restrictive steel boned corset over the top.

Nylon worship

Nylon worship

After a glass of wine and a chat getting to know each other a little better we decided that it was time for Linda to get changed into something more fitting for our evening together as one of the reasons for Linda’s visit, other than to spend time in my company of course, was to have some new photos taken. So we dressed Linda in a very shiny PVC skirt pretty black blouse and red corset which of course Mistress had to tighten to her satisfaction. And last but by no means least Linda was wearing some STW very shiny pantyhose with Gio nylons over the top – a most pleasing and splendid look in those nylon layers.

Linda and Stella

Linda and Stella

All that nylon rasping of rubbing thighs together it’s a wonder we didn’t start a fire LOL.

Linda isn’t like most of my clients in that she is more than capable of applying her own makeup. However, she did ask Mistress to make her look more like me so I was more than happy to help her with the look she wanted to achieve and she looked stunning.

After we were all dressed and had our makeup looking as we wished Mistress started Linda’s session as she meant to go on in control! LOL.

So firstly after cuffing Linda’s arms and ankles to my cross and with a little assistance from Stella we managed to get some fabulous shots. We then moved around Mistresses’ rather large home to take even more photos which Linda seemed to enjoy especially as she was getting the chance to give Mistress Scarlett’s legs and bottom quite a lot of worship – Mmm naughty girls they’re all the same! ;-).

After a little break and some snacks (posing for photos can get tiring) we all had a change of clothing. Mistress decided that she should give Linda a taste of Head Mistress Scarlett

Head Mistress Scarlett and Schoolgirl Linda

Head Mistress Scarlett and Schoolgirl Linda

and so dressed Linda and Stella as two naughty Schoolgirls during which time Linda was able to enjoy a real Mistress Session and play time but I won’t go into too much detail about that. Just to say that I know Linda and I both thoroughly enjoyed it.

As you can see from Mistresses’ Gallery and the few photos on this blog we did have a fun time together and Linda says she can’t wait to come back which I know I am looking forward too.

Lashes and Spanks

Mistress Scarlett

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