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Hello my lovelies just a quick catch up on what I have been up to recently. Well mistress has been very busy with her lovely tv maids with lots of training for those naughty gurls – lots of smacked and caned botties for their misdemeanours including: trying to sneak a look into my underwear drawers, slacking at cleaning duties, not straightening my seams correctly, trying to touch themselves when they think Mistress can’t see them.

I had a fab day with a new maid, Alice who looked so submissive and demure in her new maids’ dress and just so pretty with the wonderful makeup and makeover I gave her, and she just loved her long blonde hair. I’m sure there of lots of lovely gurls out there that would just love to have the same experience with mistress.

Well as usual I have also had my days filled with teaching lots of sub men to fully realise who the real dominant sex is WOMEN! (well they do realise that after they visit me J ) so rest assured that my new toy as pictured in gallery 11 got lots of use. I don’t think there will be any confusion in the future will there boys 😉 .

I truly love my job getting to dress in the finest nylons and the most wonderful lingerie and be in total control of all you wonderful perverts, using you at my will how fabulous. Keep it up darlings and hope to meet a lot more of you very soon. So have a fantastically perverse and debauched bank holiday.

Mistress Scarlett.4scar 5scar

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