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First Time Visit

Hello all my lovely kinks

Well it isn’t all Sissy maids, slaves and spankings for Mistress, no not all! As you can see from the photos of the lovely Ellie who came to visit Mistress Scarlett for a three hour make-over, photo shoot and play session.

Ellie arrived in drab male mode and was not so much shaking in his boots but shall we say he was very nervous as this was the first time he had ever visited a Mistress or even had had a makeover, let alone with the help of a real woman and he just didn’t know what to expect.

Mistress soon calmed Ellie’s fears and we were chatting like old friends in no time.

Ellie really enjoyed having her makeup done by someone else for the first time and it’s always nice to feel pampered isn’t it girls? I do love to watch the faces of my clients as they see themselves transformed into the girl that they knew was hiding in them all along, Mistress gets great satisfaction from this.

As I was applying Ellie’s make-up I got to know a lot more about what made her tick her likes and dislikes etc. After choosing a wig Ellie put on a satin gown and some sheer pantyhose and we took ten minutes out to have some refreshments. Ellie took this time to look at some of Mistresses’ fabulous trans magazines to get some ideas of the style she wanted and to help Mistress achieve her look.


Make-up applied – Hmm now how should I dress?


We then went and chose Ellie some clothing, appropriate lingerie and hosiery and I helped Ellie dress especially paying great detail to her seams on the Gio fully fashioned stockings she was wearing – we can’t have wonky seams now can we girls!


This is suitably slutty – nylons, boots, waist cincher Mmmmmm










Ellie was now feeling a lot more relaxed and sexy all at the same time. Mistress decided that this was the perfect time to take some photos as I knew after some time spent with me in my play room she may not look quite so fresh LoL. Ellie was so natural and relaxed in front of the camera we managed to get a whole new set of photos for her to use on her own TV Chix profile which I know since adding them have got her quite a lot of attention – and so they should!.


Almost playroom time with Mistress, but still looking demure and sexy




Then to my play room where Ellie had no problem in giving herself totally to Mistress to use as she willed. What a good girl she was and so very naughty the dirty little slut! I won’t go into detail as to what went on in my playroom with Ellie as that is private between Mistress and her sub but I’m sure you can all use your naughty imaginations as to what may have gone on.

Erm a range of moisturisers I hope!!!

Erm a range of moisturisers I hope!!!






So a lovely time was had and for those of you who are shy or nervous of contacting Mistress for the first time I asked Ellie to write about her own first time experience with me. So here in her own words is Ellie’s experience.

“My name is Ellie, a closet Sissy TV. I am a member of Tvchix. Whilst looking at the lovely girls I came across Mistress Scarlett- I looked at her profile and came across some wonderful photos. After several views of the photos, I plucked up the courage to book a session with Mistress. The session day arrive and with some trepidation I drove to Mistresses place of worship and what turned out to be her lovely home too. I nervously knocked on the door and was put at my ease straight away – I was offered a Coffee and waited for my Mistress to appear. She entered the room; she was everything I dreamed of. She showed me to the makeup room and began to do her magic on me. She transformed me from a plain male into a sexy slutty woman. We chatted about all sort of things, all the time my nerves just melted away, then I became the sissy slut of my dreams. I dressed into delicious slut.

I was ushered into the playroom. I went from chatty girl into silenced slut. My Mistress wove her magic spell on me. She sent me from heaven to hell and back again. My head was spinning from the ecstasy of what she was doing to me. Wow! I’m now looking forward to another visit and trying some new looks, clothes and styles”

Bye for now kinksters


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