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14 Oct 2014

First Time Visit

Hello all my lovely kinks Well it isn’t all Sissy maids, slaves and spankings for Mistress, no not all! As you can see from the photos of the lovely Ellie who came to visit Mistress Scarlett for a three hour make-over, photo shoot and play session. Ellie arrived in drab male mode and was not so much shaking in his boots but shall we say he was very nervous as this was the first time he had ever visited a […]

11 Oct 2014

Tea, Cake, Panties and Spanking – Edwina’s Tale

Hello Darlings! Well it’s October already and the cold dark nights are closing in, so why not treat yourself to a bit of heat and pleasure in the presence of Mistress Scarlet. Either come and be the gurl of your desires with a makeover and photo session and then maybe spend some time in Mistresses’ play room being Mistresses’ pet or slut or just come and worship My nylon clad legs and bottom. I’m sure that will make your temperature […]

03 Sep 2014

Mistress & Linda

Hello all you lovely sexy people Well although it’s been quite a wet and windy August here in Blackpool it’s still been rather hot and bothered in Mistress Scarlett’s realm. I had another visit from that utterly worthless and hardly worthy of a mention in my blog Felicity slut maid who, after sending Mistress umpteen emails (pathetic and pointless) of her naughty confessions with misdemeanours from playing with her – well MY – cockette without my permission to watching filthy […]

07 Aug 2014

Mistress, Edwina and a bottle of Champagne

Hello all you naughty sexy gurls and guys. Well I had a fabulous time at Sparkle in the Park and met some wonderful gurls especially the wonderful and so sexy Miss Nina Jay so looking forward to doing a photo shoot with her in the near future. Do take time to visit one of Nina’s wonderful sites. Well this year is flying by and it’s August already which means only one thing in England that the summer is nearly over Boooooo!!! […]

17 Jun 2014

A sissy’s fantasy and confessions

  Hello all of you deliciously naughty gurls and boys. Well Mistress has had a fantastic week and weekend up here in very sunny Blackpool. Mistress started the week off with some much needed sissy maid training and a few nylon encasement gimp boys to punish. I had a blast spanking and caning those very disobedient maids of mine especially Felicity who is rather a naughty slut who had to be severely reprimanded for her disgusting behaviour when not in […]

23 May 2014


Hello my lovelies just a quick catch up on what I have been up to recently. Well mistress has been very busy with her lovely tv maids with lots of training for those naughty gurls – lots of smacked and caned botties for their misdemeanours including: trying to sneak a look into my underwear drawers, slacking at cleaning duties, not straightening my seams correctly, trying to touch themselves when they think Mistress can’t see them. I had a fab day […]

08 Apr 2014

Mistress and naughty Aunty Viv

Hello all you naughty kinky boys and gurls. It’s been a busy week again for Mistress, lots of sissy maids in training and feminisation sessions which of course did involve lots of spanking, paddling, canings and a couple of whippings for those real sluternly gurls who needed that extra discipline from mistress. And gurls you know who you are but you’re not worthy of a mention on Mistresses’ blog. I did however have a lovely day playing dress-up and makeover […]

01 Apr 2014

Maid’s and sissy’s

Hello you lovely kinky people. Well Mistress has had a very busy week with lots of Sissy maids in training, and believe me they all needed training I don’t know where some of those sissy gurls get their ideas of servitude to their Mistress from and as for maiding they really do need some of Mistresses’ hard training to get them into shape before I could ever share them with any of my friends. Sissy maid Felicity especially needs some […]

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