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A Maid’s POV

I thought for this blog I would grant the privilege and honour of letting one of my maids provide a point of view account of a day spent with myself. I let her have a few fantasy moments when she visits for which she pays a heavy penalty. However at my command she has written this to give you some idea of the pleasure of serving Mistress Scarlett.

Dear Mistress Scarlett

My name is Felicity, I am an unworthy sissy maid slut who has had the honour of serving the amazing and adorable Mistress Scarlett for many years. I have the ultimate honour of being owned by her as her senior sissy maid and just cherish this wonderful opportunity.

Not only is she absolutely stunning, she is such a wonderful Lady in every way and has trained me well in the meaning of true Female Supremacy and Female Authority. When I am in her presence I am not permitted to think but just do what I am told without question.

Mistress Scarlett is such a kind and considerate Lady and recently gave me permission to buy her a gift. This gift is a special one as it is a Queening/Smotherbox stool in red and black and if I am a good sissy she puts me in it and lowers her shapely pantied bottom onto my sissy face where I stay for as long as she wishes. It is a great honour to be humiliated in this way and I am truly thankful to be allowed to worship her delightful and shapely bottom

Mistress has a lovely residence and if You are ever granted an audience to see and serve her you will see for yourself. She also has a dungeon/playroom where I am regularly left after a bare bottom spanking, always remembering to say ‘thank You Mistress’ after each and every spank and then respectfully begging for another yet harder one.

Mistress Scarlett always dresses in such wonderful clothes including fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings, full panties, suspender belt, girdles, blouses, corsets, pencil skirts and stilettos, She always looks immaculate and so sexy and makes me weak at the knees in just being allowed to look at her. She has such lovely black hair and often puts it up which makes her look even more severe and dominant. She is the best

When I am granted an audience to serve her, I arrive on time and am often told to make my way up to the changing room where I am told in a stern voice to strip and be ready to greet her completely naked and on my knees with my nose in the carpet . When I hear her coming along the corridor I am excited yet very apprehensive about what she is going to say and do as I know she owns me completely. I often am face slapped, bare bottom spanked, nipple clamped and then taken to have my make up applied and dressed in full maid attire including all appropriate maid underwear, a wig and black court shoes. Mistress then takes slut to her playroom where she makes me lift my dress and wonderful black petticoats, takes my panties down and lectures me about having a dripping sissy cockette. She then ties my cockette and sissy balls up and fits the dog lead to them where she drags me about by her cockette all day.

Mistress Scarlett has taught me so many things and has taken me into much higher levels of sissification the likes of which I didn’t know existed.

I am owned and live to serve and obey her. She uses and abuses me and I am so thankful that she still invests so much of her valuable time in an unworthy sissy slut maid such as me. I am pathetic, insolent and impertinent and yet she continues on with my sissy training. I am so thankful and why wouldn’t I be?

Mistress Scarlett never clock watches, she has a lovely discreet residence and if you are granted the honour of serving her I can assure you that you will be very quickly brought under her spell and will want to be with her and serve her 24/7.

Mistress Scarlett’s senior owned sissy maid who is not allowed to think but to just obey !!!! Mistress Scarlett

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